Vegan Position Statement

Effective date: July 13, 2021

At Planted and our signature event, the Planted Expo, our purpose is to meet you on your plant-based journey, wherever you are, to support you along the way. We believe in being inclusive to everyone from committed vegans, to those who are simply curious about what the plant-based movement is.

Few of us were raised plant-based. Most of us know what it’s like to make the intentional decision to make a change and remember how challenging that can be. Planted is here to help. Come to our Expo to experience the best that the plant-based movement has to offer. 

Planted makes every effort to ensure that everything on display at our Expo is exclusively plant-based. Many products and services are certified vegan, however, many others have not gone through the certification process. Exhibitors commit to including only their plant-based products at our events. 

But rather than excluding businesses that have any animal products in their lineup from exhibiting at all, we also believe in supporting and encouraging businesses towards going plant-based. Exhibiting at Planted Expo helps businesses to clearly differentiate and showcase their exclusively plant-based products to their customers. 

Planted Expo is the premier plant-based event in Canada, but we encourage and support all progress towards the plant-based movement. We want all businesses, new, old, small, large, family run or incorporated to invest in and contribute towards a plant-based present and future. Our hope is that Planted Expo will help businesses see that not only can they be profitable, but that the movement and the demand for more sustainable, cruelty free, plant-based products and services are exploding. 

Join us. The future is bright. Plant-based is taking off.


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