Developing a Sustainable Mindset as a Chef

vancouver exhibitors Oct 08, 2021

By Jaan Foods

The concept of sustainability has been discussed in many contexts over the past decade, ranging from sustainable materials to sustainable lifestyles. Inevitably, the food industry has also been targeted, with many consumers now looking for clean-label, sustainable products in their local stores. 

As an experienced chef, I have worked in the culinary industry for many years and have seen firsthand how our treatment of food within society could be improved. I have observed the sourcing, preparation and serving of food within restaurant kitchens, and I have worked within a bigger business that manufactured, sold and distributed large quantities of packaged food goods.

In these experiences, I began to recognize the minimal number of local, sustainable options being created within British Columbia. I also recognized the small number of local plant-based and vegan options available to consumers within our local grocery stores. This led to my desire to use my food knowledge to provide more options for the vegan community but make products so tasty that they would be loved by non-vegans too. 

So I started Jaan Foods!

Jaan is a Punjabi word that means beloved. Food has always held a special place in my life, and I want to reflect that in my company and my products. My professional training as a chef, and being raised by an amazing cook, allows me to take old family recipes and adapt them to be plant-based, clean-label, and sustainable alternatives.

But it doesn’t take the mind of a chef to eat more sustainably.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Increase the number of plant-based meals and products in your routine
  • Look for local products where you shop
  • Read labels and be informed about what’s inside the items you are consuming

Anyone can start in their own kitchen by taking small steps toward a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. 

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