Plant-based is taking off!


Plant-based is taking off!

Product of the Year Winners

By Alana Moor, Planted Social Media Coordinator

You ate. You voted. They won. 

With so much variety and over 27 product entries from established and delicious plant-based brands, the competition was stiff. 

First Place: Strawberry Sass Gelato by Simply BUCK Official | 

Let’s start by giving a huge congratulations to Planted Expo Silver Sponsor, BUCK, for winning first place in the 2021 Product of the Year competition with their Strawberry Sass Gelato! 

From the first bite of this buckwheat gelato, mouths were watering for more, mumbles and groans of excitement could be heard, and looks of shock, love and delight could be seen in the judges’ faces. This isn’t any ordinary gelato—it’s better than any plant-based gelato that’s come before it. BUCK struck a gold mine and we’re thrilled to be here for it. 

For the competition, they chose to showcase their Strawberry Sass Buckwheat Gelato. When opening...

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Developing a Sustainable Mindset as a Chef

vancouver exhibitors Oct 08, 2021

By Jaan Foods

The concept of sustainability has been discussed in many contexts over the past decade, ranging from sustainable materials to sustainable lifestyles. Inevitably, the food industry has also been targeted, with many consumers now looking for clean-label, sustainable products in their local stores. 

As an experienced chef, I have worked in the culinary industry for many years and have seen firsthand how our treatment of food within society could be improved. I have observed the sourcing, preparation and serving of food within restaurant kitchens, and I have worked within a bigger business that manufactured, sold and distributed large quantities of packaged food goods.

In these experiences, I began to recognize the minimal number of local, sustainable options being created within British Columbia. I also recognized the small number of local plant-based and vegan options available to consumers within our local grocery stores. This led to my desire to use my food...

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Ways Herbaland is Embracing Sustainability

vancouver exhibitors Oct 04, 2021

By Herbaland

Embracing sustainability comes down to the daily choices and behaviours that focus on reducing our carbon footprint and impact towards our planet. 

At Herbaland, sustainability is one of our core values. We strive to make decisions in our global community from eco-friendly production technology, ingredient sourcing, and packaging.  Encompassing our core values in everything we do, we are committed more than ever to our goal of providing all of our products in compostable packaging by 2025! 

With the launch of our 100% compostable packaging in our five best-selling vitamin gummies, it is the first step in our mission to achieve our goal! You will find our Vegan D3 + B12, Calm Naturally, Vegan Collagen Booster, Sleep Plus, and Kids Multivitamins in 100% compostable pouches as a refill for your current plastic bottles. Although our plastic bottles are made of recyclable materials, they won’t fully break down for 500 years if they end up in the...

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3 Food Essentials for a Long Healthy Life

vancouver exhibitors Sep 28, 2021

By Phox Foods

We are all aware that eating more plants is good for you.  The research is clear; the more unprocessed vegetables and fruits you eat, the less likely you are to have chronic diseases, like Diabetes, heart disease, or cancer.  But even with the abundance of health-promoting food available in the produce section, there are still several foods that deserve a special shout out for their ability to have remarkable, scientifically proven effects on our health.  These are foods that, when added to our daily diets, even without any other dietary intervention, significantly decrease rates of chronic illness and improve disease-free longevity.


Mushrooms are like rocket fuel for the immune system.  They contain phytonutrients, like beta-glucan, that supercharge the activity of your immune cells, especially those cells that attack and destroy virus-infected and cancerous cells.

And although all cancers should run when they see a mushroom coming,...

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Top 5 Tips to Transition to a Plant-based Lifestyle

vancouver exhibitors Sep 16, 2021

By Plant Veda

“One night we were watching the TV series Ramayana and in that episode, King Dashrath (Father of Lord Rama) passed away. The same night we got the call from India that my father had passed away, possibly due to a heart attack. Later that year when we learned that if my father would have shifted to plant-based dairy, he would have reversed his heart disease.” Plant Veda CEO Sunny Gurnani.

Since the passing of his father about 9 years ago, it became Sunny’s mission to educate and shift humanity to a plant-based lifestyle. He has since created Plant Veda to further that mission, which has landed multiple product excellence awards including 2019 Veg Expo Product of the Year and 2021 clean eating Magazine clean eating choice awards. Plant Veda also recently became the first Canadian publicly traded dairy alternative company, listed under the symbol “MILK” on the Canadian Securities Exchange. 

Here are Sunny’s top 5 tips for anyone...

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Conserving an Ancient Heirloom Cacao Variety

vancouver exhibitors Sep 14, 2021

By Artisan's Way Organics

Arriba Nacional is an ancient cacao variety that traces its lineage back 5300 years to the earliest known domesticated cacao trees and is found in the volcanic mountainous regions of Ecuador. This variety was so coveted by European fine chocolatiers for its fruity taste and floral aroma that Ecuador was the world’s number one exporter of cacao throughout the 1800’s. In 1916 and 1919 diseases wiped out the crops and it was thought that this variety was lost forever. It wasn’t until 2009 that the Nacional variety was rediscovered and brought back from the brink. Today, Ecuador only supplies 4% of the world’s cacao but it has become the #1 exporter of “fine flavor” cacao in the world again thanks to the Nacional and Criollo varieties.

Arriba Raw Chocolate uses only beans of the Arriba Criollo variety. This is a hybrid of the Nacional variety and the Criollo variety which is another rare heirloom cacao grown in South America...

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Huge News with Boosh Food

vancouver exhibitors Sep 08, 2021

Canada's largest plant-based event, Planted Expo Vancouver, is thrilled to announce that it is presented by Boosh Food, plant-based comfort food you can feel good about.

Boosh was created for one simple reason. They wanted to help health-conscious consumers meet their goals by providing convenient plant-based meals for people who found it difficult to prepare meals from scratch.

Now, there is a way to comfortably have a fun and conscious lifestyle without having to inspect every meal for gluten, animal-based, or GMO-based ingredients. Boosh Foods has a line of products made for every person and occasion, click here to find it in-store.

Welcome to Boosh Food and be sure to check them out at Planted Expo in Vancouver!

Connect with Boosh Food

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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The Palm Oil Scandal; World’s Worst Vegetable Oil

vancouver exhibitors Aug 16, 2021

By Spencer Angeltvedt, Co-founder of Loa Skin

What does it mean to be palm-oil free?

Hiding in virtually all cosmetics, packaged foods, cleaning products, and even biodiesel—palm oil has secretly found its way into packaged goods and numerous industries across the globe.

Palm oil has quickly become the most widely used vegetable oil. While at first glance palm oil seems harmless, it has in fact bred one of the most environmentally destructive and morally corrupt industries on Earth.

Here’s why.

Palm oil is cheap to produce. It’s 10 times cheaper than soy—a once-industry leader. Palm oil’s incredibly high global demand has directly affected a few large islands in Indonesia and Malaysia where It’s mainly produced.

While little-known to the Western world, these islands consist of Sumatra, Borneo, and West Papua (of New Guinea), and contain some of the oldest and most biodiverse rainforests. Borneo, in particular, is the third largest island in...

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What is in your spice cupboard?

vancouver exhibitors Aug 10, 2021

By Nareena Switlo, Co-founder, Naledo

How to shop for sustainable and ethical spices. 

It’s time to look at your spices! We all want fresh, natural, and sustainably sourced spices… but that is hard to figure out when you are looking at labels on the grocery store shelf!

When we launched Naledo we were shocked to learn about the journey most of our spices take to get into our pantries. Spices can trade hands many times before being packaged. The result can be poor taste, additives (like sawdust and lead in turmeric powder), damage to our environment, and impoverished farmers.  

Let’s look at our favourite spice, turmeric. Some farmers are paid as little $0.24 for 1kg of fresh turmeric root. By the time it gets to the store shelf in powder form it can be $105 for 1kg. 

So what can we do to support a more equitable supply chain that empowers farmers rather than keeping them in poverty?

Our Top 5 Tips to Spotting a Great Spice Brands: 

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Justo's Craft Dips' Sustainability And Community Impact

vancouver exhibitors Aug 04, 2021

By Justo's Craft Dips

Running a business with a focus on sustainability and community impact is challenging. But, for the group of young entrepreneurs behind Justo’s Craft Dips it’s oh-so rewarding.

It’s been just over two years since Justo started delivering his home-made dips in paper cups to his friends via an Instagram page. Starting this business as a group of 22 year olds with no business or food industry experience may have been an eyebrow raising move. However, it’s a decision that has yet to be regretted. Justo’s continues to make waves and disrupt the west-coast dip world.

The points below are tied to the values we hold as individuals, and as the leaders of our business. Our vision is to leave our mark on the landscape of consumer packaged goods – building a new industry standard that prioritizes extended producer responsibility, environmental stewardship and community impact.

Support for Vulnerable Community Members


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