Plant-based is taking off!


Plant-based is taking off!

6 Tips to Thrive in the New Year

Starting the year out on a positive and forward-moving note is the perfect momentum to a successful year. We’ve added some other great practices for you to incorporate into your new year routine to help you feel good mind, body, and spirit! 


Adding more plants into your diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on whole foods, and adding a variety of them to your plate each day. This provides your body with a great nutrient profile and fibre, which are critical to your gut health. Your body, mind, and gut health will thank you!  



Taking a moment of gratitude each day does exceptional things for your mental health and your overall happiness! Studies show that taking a moment to focus on gratitude brings physiological and psychological benefits! These benefits include better sleep, reduced stress, a more positive mindset, an increase in mindfulness, and higher levels of happiness in your daily...

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Rich Roll - For The Love Of Words

rich roll vancouver Dec 13, 2021

Grab your copy of the crossword HERE

Thanks for joining us for this special evening with Rich Roll. You can explore pictures from the evening here.


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Create Easy, Extraordinary Meals with Ordinary Food

vancouver Nov 14, 2021

By UMAMI Crave the Fifth

At UMAMI Crave the Fifth, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to planning and preparing meals. Creating plant-based meals and meals that avoid food intolerances like gluten, or even meals that are diabetic friendly, can make it even more time intensive. 

We are Joanna and Stephanie—sisters-in-law and business partners. Between us, we have four children, two spouses (Joanna is married to Stephanie's brother), three dogs and a cat! We know firsthand how challenging it can be to create meals that are nutritionally sound, taste great and come together in a hurry. As a chef, Joanna could create meals from scratch every day that hit the flavour and nutrition boxes, but like many of us, has little time to do so. Stephanie is a nurse who enjoys cooking but finds it increasingly hard to find time to create great meals that her whole family will enjoy. 

With three nutritional-yeast-based, vegan, and gluten-free UMAMI Crave the Fifth...

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A Mission to Eliminate Food Waste

vancouver Nov 13, 2021

By Syrah Kai, TRENDI

I am the avocado half you didn’t finish, left in the fridge, and now I’m garbage.  

I am the remaining bananas in the bunch; you had good intentions for us, but, unfortunately, we may not make it to the freezer this time because we are way past overripe. 

I am the leftovers from the dinner you made, saying you’d have me for lunch but you went out again. Now I have no option but to turn to sludge and watch as you plug your nose in disgust when you open the container I’m in.

I am the carrot who didn’t grow quite right. The farmers love me, but the grocers think I’m too ugly and that no one will want to eat me despite us tasting the same once we reach the plate. I am the perfect peach one centimetre too small. They don’t think I’m a real fruit, so they let me fall. I’m the truckload of produce that can’t be used, the unnecessary loss of already scarce food.

I am the dumpster full of bread...

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Walking Down the Aisle

vancouver Nov 12, 2021

By Sweet Fruit

Walking Down the Aisle - Guide to Low Carb Plant-based Sustainable Food

Happy Mind, Happy Life!  Nothing feels better than to eat food that makes you feel good physically and mentally.  Find out how our Sweet Fruit founder, Michelle, a food scientist and nutritionist, makes her food choices.

Reading the Nutritional Facts label: I always look at 3 things on a label: serving size, net carbs and sodium.  Serving size is the amount of food it used in order to calculate the nutritional facts.  It would make a huge difference if it used 50g  instead of 250g.  Next, I would look at net carbs because it affects the blood sugar directly as the body needs to break them down into glucose.  To calculate the net carbs, take the total carbs and subtract fiber and half of carbs from sugar alcohols (except erythritol which you can completely subtract from the total carbs).  Last, it is important to look at sodium level.  Excess sodium...

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press release Nov 06, 2021


NOVEMBER 5, 2021, Vancouver, B.C. – Vegan ultra-athlete, author and gifted speaker Rich Roll will be speaking in Vancouver for the first time at the Planted Expo. On November 20th, Vancouverites will have two opportunities to hear about Rich Roll’s plant-based journey and how he became an Ultraman World Champion through a vegan lifestyle. 

Named as one of the “25 fittest men in the world”, Rich Roll is no stranger to the work and dedication it takes to reach high level physical goals. On Saturday, November 20th, Rich Roll will be at the Planted Expo at 1:00 p.m. to speak on “The Plant-based Conversation”. This event is included in the entrance fee of the Planted Expo on Saturday. 

For those who want to take a deeper dive into how Rich Roll went from an overweight, inactive attorney to an accomplished vegan...

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press release vancouver Oct 29, 2021


NOVEMBER 1, 2021, Vancouver, B.C. – Plant-based enthusiasts will have an opportunity to learn about the global vegan movement in-person at the Planted Expo in Vancouver on November 20th and 21st. Attendees will hear from inspirational speakers, leading vegan product creators, sustainability drivers and plant-based cookbook authors as they explore over 200 edible and lifestyle vegan brands during the event.

Plant-based lifestyles continue to enter mainstream conversations with an increased amount of people talking about veganism following its steady rise of recognition since the latter 2010’s. The Economist declared 2019 “the Year of the Vegan” , solidifying its place in public acceptance.

During 2020 and 2021, the world endured a global lockdown and impacted individuals took the time to learn more about the plant-based movement and its impact on...

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Product of the Year Winners

By Alana Moor, Planted Social Media Coordinator

You ate. You voted. They won. 

With so much variety and over 27 product entries from established and delicious plant-based brands, the competition was stiff. 

First Place: Strawberry Sass Gelato by Simply BUCK Official | 

Let’s start by giving a huge congratulations to Planted Expo Silver Sponsor, BUCK, for winning first place in the 2021 Product of the Year competition with their Strawberry Sass Gelato! 

From the first bite of this buckwheat gelato, mouths were watering for more, mumbles and groans of excitement could be heard, and looks of shock, love and delight could be seen in the judges’ faces. This isn’t any ordinary gelato—it’s better than any plant-based gelato that’s come before it. BUCK struck a gold mine and we’re thrilled to be here for it. 

For the competition, they chose to showcase their Strawberry Sass Buckwheat Gelato. When opening...

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Loving the Whole Soybean

vancouver exhibitors Oct 19, 2021

By Yumasoy,

At Yumasoy, we love the whole soybean. Unlike many other companies, we use whole soybeans, so you get all their amazing benefits. Whole soybeans are packed with protein, fibre, healthy fat, and an abundance of nutrients. 

What are Whole Foods? 

Whole foods come from nature and are minimally processed with their edible parts intact. 

Fragmentation of food, like soy, separates the food into different parts and causes important nutrients like vitamins, fibre, and healthy fats to be removed or lost.  Fractionated soybeans appear on labels as soy protein isolates, defatted soy, or textured vegetable protein (TVP). Fragmentation can involve the use of chemicals to separate the protein from the whole food, which may contribute to digestive problems. 

If you’ve always thought you couldn’t eat soy, it might be because you’ve consumed fractionated soy. At Yumasoy, we use whole soybeans, so all-important nutrients are maintained. 


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Developing a Sustainable Mindset as a Chef

vancouver exhibitors Oct 08, 2021

By Jaan Foods

The concept of sustainability has been discussed in many contexts over the past decade, ranging from sustainable materials to sustainable lifestyles. Inevitably, the food industry has also been targeted, with many consumers now looking for clean-label, sustainable products in their local stores. 

As an experienced chef, I have worked in the culinary industry for many years and have seen firsthand how our treatment of food within society could be improved. I have observed the sourcing, preparation and serving of food within restaurant kitchens, and I have worked within a bigger business that manufactured, sold and distributed large quantities of packaged food goods.

In these experiences, I began to recognize the minimal number of local, sustainable options being created within British Columbia. I also recognized the small number of local plant-based and vegan options available to consumers within our local grocery stores. This led to my desire to use my food...

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