Justo's Craft Dips' Sustainability And Community Impact

vancouver exhibitors Aug 04, 2021

By Justo's Craft Dips

Running a business with a focus on sustainability and community impact is challenging. But, for the group of young entrepreneurs behind Justo’s Craft Dips it’s oh-so rewarding.

It’s been just over two years since Justo started delivering his home-made dips in paper cups to his friends via an Instagram page. Starting this business as a group of 22 year olds with no business or food industry experience may have been an eyebrow raising move. However, it’s a decision that has yet to be regretted. Justo’s continues to make waves and disrupt the west-coast dip world.

The points below are tied to the values we hold as individuals, and as the leaders of our business. Our vision is to leave our mark on the landscape of consumer packaged goods – building a new industry standard that prioritizes extended producer responsibility, environmental stewardship and community impact.

Support for Vulnerable Community Members

Together, Justo’s and our customers increase food security for underserved and vulnerable populations by providing our healthy, delicious foods via community shelters. For every jar that is sold, someone is fed 1 serving. For every empty jar returned, the donation is doubled. We call this our “Hummus Helps” program.

Sustainable Packaging & Extended Producer Responsibility

Did someone say jar returns? Not only are Justo’s products packaged in beautifully designed, reusable glass jars, but we have implemented an avalon-milk style jar return system at the majority of our vendors on Vancouver Island. This provides our customers with the option to reduce their plastic consumption and close the loop on their packaging at the same time.

Sourcing Local & Plant-Based Ingredients

Justo’s products are 100% plant-based, with all produce sourced from within Canada. We focus on working with local farmers to alleviate excess crops through our value added food processing.

Upcycling By-Products & Reducing Waste.

Justo’s began with selling solely hummus. Cooking our beans left us with plenty of aquafaba left over each week. After experimentation and R&D, Justo found a way to close the loop on this wonderful by-product by repurposing our aquafaba as an ingredient in our hummus. Additionally, Justo’s now utilizes this “golden bean water” as the base for our plant based aioli. We currently produce our signature ranch, tzatziki and mayonnaise as aquafaba based dips, with more unique offerings coming in the near future.

Thanks for reading, we hope you can try our delicious products soon!


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