Four Reasons Why We Cold-Press Our Juices!

vancouver exhibitors Jun 16, 2021

By Jusu Bar

At Jusu Bar, our founding mission is to help our customers take control of their health and wellness by making better food choices. That’s why we choose to make cold-pressed juices that function in any lifestyle. Whether you’re trying a juice cleanse or just adding a juice to your meal, it will awaken your cells and energize your life.

Here’s why we choose to cold-press:

  1. At Jusu, we focus on maximizing the nutrient content and flavour of our cold-pressed juices. Our hydraulic press uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract every last drop of goodness from fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  2. Unlike traditional pasteurization, no heat or oxygen is used in the process, preserving all of the amazing nutrients that are typically lost.
  3. Our juices are put through HPP (High Pressure Processing) as a final step after manufacturing to safely extend their shelf life without the use of heat or preservatives. High Pressure Processing is an environmentally friendly, cold pasteurization technique that exposes food products to extremely high pressure transmitted by water, inactivating any bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds, and parasites that may be present in food. 
  4. The more heavy and dense a food is, the more energy your body needs to process it. Our cold-press juices make it possible to get the benefits of an array of fruits and vegetables (even the leafy vegetables) in the form of an easy-to-drink juice!

Ready to give cold-pressed juice a try? Jusu Juice can be delivered to your door in Calgary and Vancouver. Pickup is available at our Cadboro Bay location in Victoria. 

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