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NOVEMBER 1, 2021, Vancouver, B.C. – Plant-based enthusiasts will have an opportunity to learn about the global vegan movement in-person at the Planted Expo in Vancouver on November 20th and 21st. Attendees will hear from inspirational speakers, leading vegan product creators, sustainability drivers and plant-based cookbook authors as they explore over 200 edible and lifestyle vegan brands during the event.

Plant-based lifestyles continue to enter mainstream conversations with an increased amount of people talking about veganism following its steady rise of recognition since the latter 2010’s. The Economist declared 2019 “the Year of the Vegan” , solidifying its place in public acceptance.

During 2020 and 2021, the world endured a global lockdown and impacted individuals took the time to learn more about the plant-based movement and its impact on sustainability and climate change.

“We see this as an incredible time in history when there are more people than ever interested in learning how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle,” said Stevan Mirkovich, Co-Owner and Chief Relational Officer. “Hosting the Planted Expo in 2021, and finally returning to a live format where individuals can interact, emphasizes how we must begin to look at change within ourselves and how it can impact the world around us. The speakers we have gathered and the brands at the event provide many opportunities for attendees to learn the many ways they can introduce a plant-based lifestyle into their own lives.”

With awareness of how a plant-based lifestyle can positively impact lives, the Planted Expo has gathered leading voices in the culinary, naturopathic and fitness world to speak on the importance of veganism.

  • Praised as one of the “25 fittest men in the world”, Ultraman World Championship athlete Rich Roll will share his lifestyle journey at the Expo. For those interested in a personal recount of his transformation and his plant-based lifestyle, join An Evening with Rich Roll on November 20th. This special event is a live podcast recording and includes a meet and greet.
  • Motivational and passionate, renowned fitness expert John Lewis, the Badass Vegan, will share his thoughts on plant-based food and social justice. 
  • OG vegan cookbook author, Dreena Burton, with six published cookbooks including her most recent book titled “Dreena’s Kind Kitchen”, will talk on plant-based cooking.
  • Plant-based Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Matthew Nagra, an advocate for plant-based nutrition as medicine, explains how to improve your own health. 
  • Motivated by a 280-pound weight loss, Exam Room podcaster Chuck Carroll will educate new vegans and plant-powered lifers with tales from his plant-based podcast.
  • Plant-based nutrition, wellness, and regeneration expert Nicolette Richer will share transformational health experiences through nutrition and detoxification.
  • Craig McIntosh and Joel Harrison from Trendi will speak on the future of food waste and the impact we can make in society by rescuing and upcycling our food waste into products.

Visit the full speaker schedule for the Planted Expo and see the list of vendors attending the two-day event. Planted Expo Vancouver runs Saturday, November 20 and Sunday, November 21 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Vancouver Convention Centre West, 1055 Canada Place. Tickets for Planted Expo are available via Showpass, prices are $20 for adults and $15 for seniors.  Admission is free for children.

For the health and safety of attendees, staff, and exhibitors, Planted Expo will be requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all aged 12 and up, in accordance with the new government mandate.

Planted Expo is sponsored by Boosh Food, Herbaland, Trendi, Plant Veda, Big Mountain Foods, Blue Heron Creamery, The Very Good Butchers, PURICA, Humble Seedz, OmniPork, BUCK, and Happy Veggie World.



Planted Life holds deeply held values around health, well-being, and compassion, aiming to make a difference and further the plant-based movement. As Canada’s largest plant-based event, Planted Expo is a place to come together, celebrate, and explore plant-based living. Wherever you are on your plant-based journey, whether you want to live a healthier lifestyle, are passionate about animal welfare, or want to reduce your environmental impact, there is something for you. Planted is growing and expanding. Hosting the upcoming 7th Expo in Vancouver, Nov 20-21 is just the beginning. The first Planted Expo in Toronto will be on March 26-27, 2022. In addition, Planted Learn is a growing hub of information and resources to help guide you in your plant-based journey.  

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