Reaching Your Peak, Sustainably

vancouver exhibitors Jun 28, 2021

By RYP Naturals

The Process

The creation of RYP Naturals, or Reach Your Peak Naturals, is to provide consumers with nutritious, convenient, plant-based products while minimizing the amount of waste for the environment in the process. Ever wonder where the unwanted or imperfect fruits and vegetables end up when they aren’t “the perfect shape or pretty” enough to be sold at a grocery store? Our family manufacturing team works closely to support North American farmers and processors by sourcing those unwanted yet perfectly nutritious fruits and vegetables, dehydrating them and creating a shelf-stable product.

Our family manufacturing company North of 49 Naturals, uses a proprietary low-thermal drying and blending process that optimizes the nutritional value and effectiveness of our dehydrated products. Ensuring that the temperature during the drying process is based on the actual product temperate, so the food is never overheated.

We work with various industries who have now made the switch from raw to dehydrated products including pet, nutraceuticals and a wide range of companies in the natural/organic product space. We love closing that loop with supporting our local farmers and working with small business owners to customize a product that will fit their needs, day by day we’re just one step in the right direction to a better planet.

The Product 

Are you filling your compost more than usual with raw fruits and vegetables that have gone bad within a few days of purchasing? Our fruit and vegetable powders have a shelf-life of 12-18 months so that you can always have the nutrients on hand no matter what’s in your fridge. A spoonful goes a long way in powder form, 2 tbsp of our fruit powders typically are equal to a full serving of raw fruit! 1 tbsp of our vegetable powders are equal to a full serving of raw vegetables! Don’t have any raw fruits or vegetables in the house? Your favourite fruit or vegetable is out of season? Not a problem here, just toss in your new RYP Fruit or Vegetable Powders and you can sneak in those greens and nutrients all year long.

The Packaging

At RYP, we aim to choose the most eco-friendly and sustainable packaging for our products. Our packaging plays a vital role in the guaranteed quality and shelf life of our products as it is stored in our glass jars with a minimalistic design. We always encourage household recycling at the very least. Do the environment a favour and reuse the glass jars before you go ahead and recycle. 


Thank you in advance for Reaching Your Peak with us. And as always, love yourself and love local.


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