Top 5 Tips to Transition to a Plant-based Lifestyle

vancouver exhibitors Sep 16, 2021

By Plant Veda

“One night we were watching the TV series Ramayana and in that episode, King Dashrath (Father of Lord Rama) passed away. The same night we got the call from India that my father had passed away, possibly due to a heart attack. Later that year when we learned that if my father would have shifted to plant-based dairy, he would have reversed his heart disease.” Plant Veda CEO Sunny Gurnani.

Since the passing of his father about 9 years ago, it became Sunny’s mission to educate and shift humanity to a plant-based lifestyle. He has since created Plant Veda to further that mission, which has landed multiple product excellence awards including 2019 Veg Expo Product of the Year and 2021 clean eating Magazine clean eating choice awards. Plant Veda also recently became the first Canadian publicly traded dairy alternative company, listed under the symbol “MILK” on the Canadian Securities Exchange. 

Here are Sunny’s top 5 tips for anyone who is interested in transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle:

1 Start going to plant-based restaurants.

The most delicious way to start this journey is to search for Vegan restaurants in the area and enjoy the different varieties, also don’t be afraid to try different plant-based products at the grocery store. When we started this transition everytime I would go grocery shopping I would get something new and experiment. 

2. Do your bloodwork before and after (3-6 months) and see the results for yourself

Nothing beats true data. When you see concrete results, you are more likely to stick with the change. When I switched off dairy and started eating more whole foods my total cholesterol dropped from 199 to 99. 

3. Start with calorie rich whole plant-based foods, no more calorie counting.

When you transition from Animal foods which have concentrated calories to plant-based foods you might feel hungry if you eat in the same quantity so start with calorie rich whole foods like burritos (with beans, rice, and veggies), Thai curries with tofu and vegetables along with brown rice, Chana masala with tandoori roti or basmati brown rice. Enjoy the food and eat as much as you like, no need to worry about eating less because you can almost never overeat plant-based foods having full fiber. Your stomach will be completely full within 500 calories of a whole foods plant-based meal. 

Keeping food whole is important. There is a reason nature designed Apple to have fiber, if we just consume a lot of Apple Juice stripping everything else but sugary juice it won’t be as healthy. 

4. Make friends in the plant-based community

We are social animals, when you will connect with people who are plant-based and hear their stories it will broaden your learning about plant-based eating. I learned about many great recipes, places and restaurants by meeting with people who were already Vegan. During our initial years of turning vegan we would travel to many different events (like Planted Expo) and we also went on a Vegan Cruise which was a fantastic experience. 

5. Immediate or Gradual Transition

Depending on your style you can transition in two ways, immediately or gradually.

When I learned about cruelty in the dairy industry, I immediately decided to turn Vegan. It was hard initially but watching documentaries like Forks Over Knives, Earthlings, and Cowspiracy kept me on track. 

A gradual transition involves slowly weaning off animal products. A great practical tip during the initial transition is swapping animal products with plant-based alternatives, so if you eat milk & cereal in the morning try replacing milk with a plant-based milk/yogurt. Since there are many options in plant-based don't be afraid to try multiple alternatives and then choose the one you love the most.

Also, join the online groups. There are groups about Vegan Parenting, Vegan dogs, Vegans in Vancouver (or any city), etc. 

About Plant Veda

Plant Veda has a mission to accelerate humanity’s shift to a plant-based lifestyle. They remain clear in their goals, which is to improve the environment and humanity’s overall health by promoting plant-based lifestyles. They have succeeded in creating award-winning plant-based dairy alternatives that are better than the original in terms of health and flavour. Plant Veda continues to shake up the dairy-free market by creating unique, one-of-a-kind products that leave their customers forgetting about dairy to begin with.

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