Ways Herbaland is Embracing Sustainability

vancouver exhibitors Oct 04, 2021

By Herbaland

Embracing sustainability comes down to the daily choices and behaviours that focus on reducing our carbon footprint and impact towards our planet. 

At Herbaland, sustainability is one of our core values. We strive to make decisions in our global community from eco-friendly production technology, ingredient sourcing, and packaging.  Encompassing our core values in everything we do, we are committed more than ever to our goal of providing all of our products in compostable packaging by 2025! 

With the launch of our 100% compostable packaging in our five best-selling vitamin gummies, it is the first step in our mission to achieve our goal! You will find our Vegan D3 + B12, Calm Naturally, Vegan Collagen Booster, Sleep Plus, and Kids Multivitamins in 100% compostable pouches as a refill for your current plastic bottles. Although our plastic bottles are made of recyclable materials, they won’t fully break down for 500 years if they end up in the landfill. These plant-based and 100% compostable pouches are made from all-natural ingredients, and from renewable sources that will fully decompose in 180 days in your compost bin! 

However, sustainable living isn’t just about choosing compostable packaging. It’s also about how we can come together as a community to create change and support the health of our planet through small everyday actions. Individual actions that seem small can actually contribute to a larger movement aimed at reducing our environmental impact on the earth.

Here are 3 that we are reducing our environmental impact: 

1. Eco Forming technology 

While many companies use starch moulding for product manufacturing, we apply an innovative approach of directly depositing gummies into stainless steel molds. This helps reduce waste from leftover starch and also provides a smoother and cleaner gummy forming process. By implementing this technique, we’re able to minimize our environmental impact in the manufacturing process and be able to develop and integrate new sustainable solutions in our overall production systems. 

2. Partnering with Zero Waste stores 

We strive to offer a variety of zero waste shopping experiences for our community, which is why we’ve partnered with numerous zero waste refillaries across North America to offer our products in stores. Offering these bulk options for our consumers increases accessibility to environmentally friendly options and allows local businesses to thrive. 

3. Supporting Green Initiatives

At Herbaland, we recognize that our values of sustainability and our commitment towards environmental health extends beyond our own operations. This is why we’ve dedicated 15% of our compostable refill sales towards supporting ocean clean up initiatives across North America. As we continue to grow in our movement towards sustainability, we endeavour to collaborate with more organizations that bring awareness to climate challenges and aim to reduce environmental impact on our planet. 

Herbaland is grateful to be able to lead and inspire global positive change through our operations and community initiatives. We will continue to strengthen our efforts as we aspire to seek greater opportunities to achieve new sustainable goals and move towards protecting the future of our planet. If you’re interested in learning more about our sustainability practices or checking out our compostable packaging, feel free to visit our website at herbaland.ca

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