Favourite Vegan Staples of The Very Good Butchers’ Co-founders

By The Very Good Butchers

Fresh fruits and veggies are of course the foundation of a wholesome plant-based diet. But finding other essentials that taste good and align with your values can often be frustrating and confusing when trying to read ingredient labels in the grocery store. 

Find out what vegan staples The Very Good Butchers’ co-founders, James and Mitchell, always have stocked in their kitchens to make plant-based eating a (delicious) breeze.


Smoked Tofu: I'm addicted to this stuff. Smoked tofu has a delicious, smokey flavour and firmer texture, making it great right out of the package on a Banh Mi, salads, sandwiches and tacos.

French Lentils: Lentils go in everything at my house from soups to vegan variations of bolognese sauce. They're really easy to make a meal with - simply braise with onions and serve alongside our British Bangers. 

Almond Yogurt: This topped with trail mix is my go to snack or quick breakfast. Almond yogurt provides a good source of plant-based protein and calcium, both things that I'm aware of being on a plant-based diet. 

Marmite: Being a Brit, I couldn’t leave this off my list and I think it should be a staple in every vegan's kitchen. It's loaded with B12 and is great for adding colour, depth and flavour to stews and gravies or just slapping on some toast with your favourite vegan butter. Find it in the jam aisle at the grocery store or in the British foods section.


Crackers and Cheese: My go-to snack! I’ll usually go with a Lundberg rice cake or a Stoned Wheat Thin, The Cultured Nut’s Sharp & Sassy Cheese and a few pieces of VGB Pepperoni on top. A tasty and filling bite.

Pea-based Chocolate Milk: Pea-based milk is incredibly delicious and rarely lasts more than a day or two in my fridge. Being naturally nut-, gluten-, and dairy-free, it’s a great alternative for anyone. Try it in coffee or cereal for a chocolate-y twist.

Nutritional Yeast: Nutritional yeast is all the rage now but this is something I’ve been eating since I was a kid, having been raised on a plant-based diet. If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out. Don’t be put off by the name - it’s perfect for adding a cheesy, savoury flavour to any dish.

Pre-made Smoothies: I usually have a few of these a week when I’m out and about. They taste fantastic and are a great way to get your fruits and veggies in on the go. Just be sure to find a brand that doesn’t include any additives or preservatives.


To get more ideas for vegan meals, check out the recipes section of our website or message us on Facebook or Instagram - we’re here to help make plant-based as accessible, nutritious and delicious as possible! 

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