Plant-based is taking off!

Travel Tips for Plant-Based Vegans

When you are away from home, sometimes you can feel stranded. You’ve committed to eating an optimal diet consisting of a variety of amazing plant foods and you have ditched the meat and dairy. You’ve gotten into a groove at home. You know how to stock your refrigerator and pantry, you know how to combine these foods and make them flavourful. You know how to shop, and you don’t bring in the things that you used to be addicted to and that used to make you feel lousy.

But you’re on vacation or on a business trip. It’s not just another outing from which you’ll be returning home on the same day. And you can only bring along so much from your own house.

How do you not give in to what’s around you and what’s being dangled in front of you? It’s that hurdle called convenience. Often what’s readily available simply does not jive with the choice we’ve already made.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Go to the bulk-bin section of a...
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