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Tips for Going Vegan | Amy Bunnage

plant-based chats Jul 07, 2020

Our chat with Amy covers lots of ground: From starting and stopping veganism, the ups and downs of the plant-based journey, learning from mistakes along the way and not letting our egos stop us from being open to growth and leaning into discomfort. This latest Plant-based Chat with vegan Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Amy Bunnage, covers a lot of great topics. Join us to discover different ways to go plant-based and bridging the gap with friends who haven’t made #theswitch.

Enjoy this episode of Plant-based Chats!

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5 Easy Sources of Plant-based Protein

When discussing the plant-based diet, people always ask: So, how does one get enough protein from plants?

We get it - when it comes to protein, the first thing that comes to mind for many is meat, meat, and more meat. And now more than ever, eating a well-balanced diet that is optimized for health and nutrition is on everyone’s minds.

The good news is, getting your full daily intake of protein from plant sources is super easy - in fact, you can probably find several high-protein foods already stocked in your pantry or fridge!

Here are 5 nutritious proteins and some simple, delicious ways to prepare them:

1. Tofu
People have a love-hate relationship with tofu. For some, tofu is an indispensable staple - others can’t stand the taste or texture. Whatever your stance may be, there’s no doubt that tofu is a nutritional powerhouse: just one serving of extra-firm tofu can contain up to 10 grams of protein!

If you’re still on the fence about tofu, we recommend trying...

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Plant-based Chat with Dr. Matthew Nagra

plant-based chats Jun 23, 2020

Join us for a Plant-based Chat with Dr. Matthew Nagra. After struggling with various health issues throughout his childhood, he turned to a plant-based diet. He has since gone on to get a Bachelor's of Science in Microbiology, board certifications in intravenous therapies, prescriptive authority, and acupuncture, a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, and a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell. Dr. Nagra is quickly becoming a leading voice in the plant-based movement.

Enjoy this episode of Plant-based Chats! 

Connect with Dr. Matthew Nagra:



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Black Lives Matter

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

2020 continues to prove that it is a year that we will never forget: from unprecedented wildfires that put climate change on display; to a global pandemic that brought the world to its knees. Life has changed. But more change is coming. And global warming aside, the world has reached a boiling point on civil rights.

We are simultaneously distraught, angered, and anxious by the ongoing racism, systemic and overt, evidenced by the egregious killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the unwillingness and disregard of those in power to make the necessary changes in how our world is organized and run. At the same time, we are hopeful, encouraged, and empowered by the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement and protests that are demanding justice and an end to racial inequality.

Today we want to be very clear: we are with the Black community, in full support of Black Lives Matter.

We are taking a hard look at ourselves as people, first, and as people who run a company too....

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Canadian Plant-based Black Owned Businesses


Kula Kitchen


V's Vegan

Shola Vegan I Thali


Chic Peas


Melanated Vegan

Vegan Angel

Ital Vital

Vital Life Vegan Restaurant

Rich Sol Foods



Essentials By Temi

Apprenti Ôr'ganik

Dahnai Beauty









Know of more Canadian plant-based Black owned businesses? Please help us keep this list updated! Send suggestions here: 

Click here for a list of plant-based Black owned businesses based in the United States.


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Why Being a B Corp is Pretty Righteous

sustainable business May 27, 2020

What is a B Corp you ask? Certified B Corporations are for-profit companies who meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency in the world. By balancing purpose and profit, B Corps use the power of markets to find opportunities to solve social and environmental problems.

With over 3,300 companies in the world holding this designation, you can shop for B Corp products at your local store and know that you’re making a difference. These companies ensure that there is little to no environmental footprint from their production, suppliers are sourced ethically and as locally as possible, and their communities are supported with various giveback programs.

What are some ways you can practice the B Corp values within your own business?

  • Host recycling and compost bins, instead of garbages, in your office space
  • Partner with companies like Bullfrogpower to improve your energy usage
  • Utilize packaging that can be upcycled, recycled or...
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Plant-based Chat with Dotsie Bausch

Join us for a Plant-Based Chat with Dotsie Bausch. She's had a prolific cycling career, won an Olympic medal in 2012, eight US national championships, two Pan American gold medals and a world record, She has since become a notable influencer for plant-based eating and athletics, including a popular TEDx talk. We cover some important topics including how she became vegan, why she started her non-profit Switch4Good, and much more.


 Connect with Dotsie...





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Plant-based Chat with Luckie Sigouin

Join us for a Plant-based Chat with Luckie Sigouin. He's an entrepreneur, Fitness Coach, Vegan Ironman, and passionate about educating and inspiring The Fit Vegan Community. We cover some important topics including how he became vegan, his misconceptions when he started (vegans are skinny and weak), how important plant-based whole foods nutrition is, and so much more.

Enjoy this episode of Plant-based Chats! 

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Kiddos in a Plant-Based Kitchen

By Kate Young, RHN
Nutrition Consultant at Kelowna Choices Markets

Spending time in the kitchen can be stressful for some families, especially as younger children seem to eat almost non-stop!  One way to make cooking more enjoyable is to involve the whole family! Things take less time with more hands on deck, kids are shown that they are valuable and capable, and it allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones. Plus, you get to create something nourishing and delicious!

Here are 5 tips to involve your kids in the kitchen:

Let them choose meals or ingredients- This is very helpful for keeping the whole family happy! When everyone gets to have their say and input, they feel more empowered. This can also help mitigate push-back from kiddos, especially the younger ones who are trying to find their place and personal power in the family structure. Maybe each family member gets to choose dinner on a specific day each week, or your 3-year-old gets to choose whether you use a...

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One Home, One Planet

earth day Apr 22, 2020

This year, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day comes to us at a cataclysmic time. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on every aspect of our daily lives, challenging the very threads that hold our society together.

But there is an underlying message that we’d be remiss to ignore. We are all connected. We all share one home. We are all citizens of the planet. And we each have a responsibility to the earth and to those we share it with.

Watch the rest of this message here:


Check out a few opportunities to learn more and to get involved here: 

Take care!

- Stevan Mirkovich and the Veg Expo Team


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