Plant-based is taking off!

Feel Your Best Right Now

Feeling your best during times like these can be a challenge on your mind, body and spirit. Here are a few simple tips we have been implementing into our routine that have been helping the days go smoother: 

  • Mental health practices: ask yourself what makes you feel secure and grounded? It could be journaling, stepping outside into the fresh air, dancing like no one is watching, or practicing mindful meditation. Find what works for you and prioritize it! You deserve to take 15 minutes out of your day for yourself. 
  • Get your greens: try your best to have something green in *most* of your meals. We know that 100% of daily meals is a challenge, so aim for 75%! It could be adding spinach to your smoothie, sautéing baby bokchoy or steaming some frozen broccoli. Raid the freezer section for your favourite versatile greens and add a handful into each meal, we promise it is easier than it sounds! 
  • Get your vitamins: no surprise here! We encourage...
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